Ohio Collegiate Soccer

Hall of Fame

Hello Coaches!

Here we are again, back competing in the beautiful sport that we are so fortunate to be coaching! I’m sure that we all can identify many who helped us to reach this point – the mentors, coaches, players, officials, league administrators, etc. – who helped form and grow our love for the game of soccer. I am asking for your help in identifying and honoring some of these “heroes” of the game.

The OHIO SOCCER HALL OF FAME each year recognizes several outstanding individuals for their roles in the formation and growth of our beautiful game. And we, the OCSCA membership, are honored to play an important part in this process. The Hall of Fame Board has included us in the nomination process as well as the induction ceremonies.

The 2009 Hall of Fame incoming class will be honored at Crew Stadium, home of the Ohio Soccer Hall of Fame, in induction ceremonies this Sunday, Sept. 13. This year’s class includes: Giovanni Capurro, Guillermo Carrasco, Enrico Grazia, Paul Healy, Charlie Keaney, Carol Maas, Heather Mitts, Joseph Rosul, Andrew Sheparovich and Vojislav (Jim) Spasic. I’m certain that each of you recognizes someone in this elite group, and recognizes their contribution to our sport.

Attached below is a brief description of the purpose of the Ohio Soccer Hall of Fame, as well as the criteria for inclusion and the process for nomination. Please take time to think about those who so greatly influenced your growth in the game, and nominate him/her for inclusion in the 2010 class. If you have any questions or need help in the process please contact me and I will be happy to help.

All the best to you each of you for enjoyable and successful seasons. And thank you in advance for helping to promote our game and to honor those who have and continue to share their love of soccer.


Yours in Soccer,

Mike Tucker – University of Dayton